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How do I get started ?

First, tell us about your needs through our Free Quote / Contact page. We reply in couple of hours. Learn more here.

Do you have set up fees ?

No ! Our printing technology makes you get rid of set-up fees common in silk screen processes. We only charge for the products ordered. If you need any graphic service (retouch,…) or any other options ( Fold & Pack-ins, Label print), you will obviously be charged.

Do you require minimum of quantity ?

No. Our process allows everyone to order from 1 to thousands item. It's also a good way to check a sample before ordering batches. Know how to get free samples.

How long does it take for my order to be processed?

Our current turnaround time is 4-10 Business Days Average + Shipping. depending on quantities, work and finishing service. Your order starts when you’ve paid in full, informations required to complete your order (billing and shipping addresses, type of products, quantities, colors, artworks files & fonts, etc.) and proofs have been approved.

How can i change/cancel my order ?

Of course you can ! Any changes to an order after the order has been approved and has begun its production time will cause further delays. Company information changes (name, billing, shipping, phone, contact) are out of charge. Artwork changes without graphic needs from LAAPD, are out of charge. Product changes (quantities, sizes, colors,) will be subject to a change fee of $60.00. Making sure the final mockup is exactly what you want when giving approval to optimize turnaround time and cost. Cancellations to an order before approval is given is subject to a 25% restocking fee. Cancellations to an order after approval is given is subject to a 50% restocking fee on all un-printed goods. All printed goods cannot be cancelled and/or refunded. - CHANGES AFTER PAYMENT Any change made to your order that is not due to a stock issue on behalf of the stock suppliers will be subject to a change fee of $60.00 in addition to the additional costs to make the changes. Any changes to your order after it has been placed will delay your order, even if you have paid a rush fee and/or have given us a required date. It is very important that you do not place your order until you are certain that’s what you want. Once the process begins, everyone in our shop starts to work on different aspects of the job, changes become costly and time consuming.

How can see the result ?

Before printing, we always send you mockups according to your request.

I want to customize every single item. Will you charge me ?

You can customize every single item of your batch. Once your artworks follow our recommendations, we don't charge you. That allow you to personalize with names, symbols, messages… If you need help, we can work on it. See our graphic service.


What are care instructions ?

Digital printing is a very delicate process. Although the process printing is permanent, the care of a garment is key to obtaining a lifetime of a beautiful and flawless image. Some keys are: washing inside out in cold water (or no more than 85°F), drying on low heat (or just air drying all together), and if ironing, iron around the stencil to preserve the artwork. We are not responsible for garments that aren’t cared for properly.

I don't find the color I want.

No problem, ask for it. Sometimes you don't find the color or texture (for example heather fabric). On every product page, you have the 15 most popular colors, but sometimes we don't show all other colors. Just ask for it. We'll be pleased to come up with the one you look for.

Which brands you work with ?

We used to work with the most popular brands made for printing : Bella+Canvas™, Next Level™, Gildan™, Anvil™, American Apparel™. However, you may have a favorite brand you used to work with, and that we don't provide. Just ask us through our Quote / contact page.

I have my own items. Can you print them for me ?

Yes we can, but we offer this service for 100 items, minimum, and will have to be at least 50% cotton made. One item needs to be sent to us to be tested into our printing process. Ask for a printing service, we'll be pleased to answer you.


What inks are you used ?

Items are printed with the latest in garment printing technology. In addition, our inks are water based and eco-friendly. This makes the feel much softer than traditional screen printed shirts, but just as durable. Inks we use are Oeko-Tex® certified. We’re using CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) compliant inks, which are required when printing on children's wear 12 and below.

What full color & white under base stand for ?

Our next generation technology allows us to print in 1 or full colors at the same time. It means that there is no difference prices between 1 or 4 colors. We use full colors only on white garments. Dark garments need a white under base + full color. White under base is a white ink layer printed before colors layer. It is used on dark garments. Depending on the design, white under base may not be printed on all garment colors. White under base will apply on all the surface of a jpg file, because the artwork and background are on the sema layer. If you want white under based only on specific areas, the background has to be removed from your artwork, and saved as png file.

When is a white under base used?

White under base isn't printed on white garments. Because under base is white ink, it'll print on other garment colors when a print file design includes the color white. It may also be used if the print file design doesn't include the color white, but is generally lighter than the garment color. Depending on the design, white under base may not be printed on all garment colors.


Where can I find the tracking information ?

When your ordered has been shipped, you receive an email from us and from the carrier (USPS) including the day of shipment and tracking number.

What if I gave the wrong address?

You might gave us the wrong adress, it happens. If your order hasn't been shipped, changes are possible by letting us know, with no charges added. If your order has already been shipped, the local post is still able to make the delivery depending on the error that was made in giving the recipient address. If they are unable to deliver the package it will be returned to our office and you will be notified once it is received back. Within 2 weeks you will need to confirm the updated and correct address as well as confirm the charges for reshipping the package.

How long is fulfillment time?

Our current turnaround time is 4-10 Business Days Average + Shipping. depending on quantities, work and finishing service. Your order starts when you’ve paid in full, informations required to complete your order (billing and shipping addresses, type of products, quantities, colors, artworks files & fonts, etc.) and proofs have been approved. The turn around time can be delayed if the elements required are sent with delay. Mocks-up are emailed after receiving payment and informations. Let us know when placing your order If you have a deadline for your order otherwise we may not be able to accommodate your request. Also, any circumstances out of LAAPD’s control (weather delays, shipping errors by the supplier, etc.) may also require more time and are not included into the initial turn around time estimate.


What are the artworks recommendations ?

Our digital printing process can only be as good as the artwork. We can work with a variety of files, we recommend 200 DPI (Photoshop) OR Vector (Illustrator) artwork. Recommended formats : jpg, png, tif, eps. This will always be the best output possible. We also require for the art to be perfectly sized and scaled (max. 14"x16") to how you want it to look on the final print. Likewise, if you have questions about your artwork, please ask us before approval of your final mockup so that we can correct these problems before your job is run. Don't hesitate to ask for our graphic service to redraw, correct, clip, retouch your artworks.

My artwork looks bad, can you help me with ?

Sure ! We can offer you many graphic options : redraw, clipping, retouch… Send it to us, we'll answer you with a proposal. Learn more about our graphic service.

I want to print messages, names, but don't have artworks. How can i do ?

No problem. Throuh our Quote / Contact page, let us know about the message/text you want to add, font, color, size you want. You can also choose among our popular fonts on graphic service page.


How are your products packaged for shipment?

Your items are individually folded, put in a large poly bag and packaged in a mailer envelop or kraft box, according to the quantities. Want better presentations ? Individual gifts ? Choose the packaging that's best. Learn more here.

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